Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tub & Shower Cleaner

In an effort to improve my footprint on this earth and be green in a new way, I decided to try creating my own cleaning spray. I saw this pin and loved it for its simplicity; all you need is three things:
1. An empty spray bottle
2. 12 ounces of white vinegar
3. 12 ounces of blue Dawn soap


The ingredients (minus the bottle, I reused) cost me about $3. The time to put this together took about 3 minutes, you have to heat the vinegar for about 2 minutes first.

Overall: This is a quick and easy pin.

PROS - As a TUB and SHOWER cleaner, this is actually fantastic. I sprayed down the tub, let it sit for about 10 minutes and all I needed to do was wipe and rinse and my tub was sparkling clean.

CONS - The original post boasts this cleaner can also "clean sinks, appliances and just about anything." I beg to differ. The Dawn ingredient causes this product to extra soapy. Maybe the inside of my sink, but definitely NOT the counters or outside edges. I tried a countertop, it was a pain to rinse off a bunch of times to get the soap off. I couldn't imagine spraying down an appliance with this stuff.

A week later - The bottle is settling a little bit which makes me think you'd need to give it a gentle shake before each use. The suds are at the top, a cloudy mixture in the middle and a clear blue liquid sits at the bottle.

I would recommend this as a green way to clean your tub and shower, but not anything else in the house.

Happy Pinning!

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