Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New School Year Gift

My daughter "moved up" to her new room in day care this week. No longer a "Brooke Trout" but now a "Great Dane". (They use a state related theme, apparently brook trout are the state fish and great danes are the state dog....who knew?)
I decided to give the teachers a little something since its technically the "beginning" of the school year for Sophia. And hey she is 2 so I am sure they will be dealing with some tantrums so a little gift can't hurt, right?
I looked around on Pinterest for something that was easy and simple and didn't have an actual school theme to it since this is day care and it is June not September. I found this cute pin and went with it :)

The blogger had already created the tag saying so I downloaded that (no need to recreate the wheel). I pulled out my scrapbook paper and picked a cute polka dot pattern. Cut and paste...the real kind ;) and then I laminated the tags with the teacher's names on the back. BTW have I mentioned how much I LOVE my new laminator?? It was one thing I missed having access to as a teacher so I went and bought an inexpensive table top one at Walmart for $24! LOVE IT and highly recommend getting one if you like your crafts to be fancy and durable :)

I simply tied the tag on around the lid of the candle and thats it! Not great photo quality, sorry I used my phone ;)

Happy Pinning!

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