Monday, June 4, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Boxes

Teacher Appreciation Week was in the beginning of May. As a former teacher, I have received some wonderful, thoughtful gifts. I have also received probably 30+ coffee mugs. So I wanted to find something unique to make for Sophia's day care teachers. After scouring Pinterest for a few ideas I came across these "Teacher Appreciation Boxes". I love all the little compartments and I had just bought a scrapbook paper set that I wanted to crack open :)

I read through the original bloggers run down to see how she did it. You can read that here. And off to Walmart I went to collect my supplies. I was able to find these exact craft boxes for $3 each. Score and then collected my goodies to fill in my box with. I filled my boxes with gum, clips, peppermint patties, raisins, jolly ranchers, push pins, clips and hershey kisses. And I wrote a personalized letter to each teacher using each item in the box to thank them for all they do. Here are the pics of my finished product :) 
I used 3 coordinating scrapbook papers and hot
glued them in each corner to secure them. The blue was the bottom layer.
Then the pink hexagon print and then I laid the small pink herring bone stripe last.

Here is the inside all filled up. I typed and laminated my note
and secured it with hot glue in each corner. 

A close up of the note.
I highlighted the use of the items by putting them in all caps 

The finished box! I just wrapped it with hot pink
grosgrain ribbon  and added a laminated tag!
Happy Pinning!

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