Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Re-use Old Candles to Make New Ones

I don't know about you but I have TONS of half used jar candles around my house. They are hidden away in closets because the jars are all yucky and sooty at the top and I never have one of those long lighters to light them when the wick is too far down. But I can't seem to just throw them away because its seems too wasteful....

Then I saw this pin and wah-la my problem was solved!

The directions are pretty easy. 
Buy some candle wicks at Michaels ($3 for 6)...check. 
Have old used candles...check. 
Buy a new glass container of your choice ($1)....check.  
Put wick in new glass container....check (It suggests wrapping your wick around a popsicle stick at the top to keep it straight. I made due with a sparkly pipe cleaner :)

Boil water...check.
Put old candle in boiling water until it liquifies...check. 
PUT ON OVEN MITTS & pick up candle...check. 
Pour liquid candle into new container and wait..... It takes longer than I thought for it to cool. And be very careful as you pour to prevent messy wax spills. They clean up with a wet paper towel and some scrubbing btw. 
First Candle

My pipe cleaner genius

Candle #2 - I used a drinking glass...

Both candles cooling

It took over an hour for these to totally cool. I plan to layer the one on the left with another flavor of candle. But one thing at at time :) The one on the right is already being used in my kitchen. I will say that the candle on the right cooled and turned back to the light orange color it originally was. But it is doing it slowly and in a patchy fashion. It was a fancy Yankee candle so maybe the wax is different than my cheap Walmart candle on the left.  It looks cute and smells great though :)

Finished Product :)

Happy Pinning!

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