Saturday, December 10, 2011

Streusel Apple Pie with "Cinnamon Roll" Crust

'Tis the season for all things decadent. And dessert is my personal favorite place to get fancy :) I am in charge of making a pie to bring to Thanksgiving dinner and I usually do a Caramel Pecan Pie (which is pretty damn good) but I decided to do an apple pie this year all because of this pin....

Cinnamon Roll Crust 
So how awesome does that look? Pretty amazing. Unfortunately I fell victim to a typical Pinterest problem- captions! If you read this caption you think, holy crap...cinnamon rolls sliced up and made into a crust? YES PLEASE! And I did but I was WRONG. Turns out this crust is actually pie brush cinnamon and butter on the crust, roll it up, slice it and smush it into the pie plate. Not what I thought. But I did it... My advice don't bother. It looks cool but it doesn't taste like a cinnamon roll and adds nothing to the pie at all. But since I did are a few pictures :)

I thought that apple pie would go great with this fancy crust but my stepsister (baking genius) suggested a streusel topped or apple crumb pie. Loved the idea, ran to pinterest, found this one.....

The recipe is great! The pie was delicious if I do say so myself.... Here are pictures of my pie...Yum!

The Finished Product!

Happy Pinning!

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