Monday, November 21, 2011

Bacon Wrapped Apple BBQ Chicken

Just like most of my cooking posts, this recipe was created for the slow cooker J This couldn’t be any easier or more delicious!
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I have made this more than once and I like my version of the recipe a little better.

First off, I use turkey bacon. We aren’t huge ret meat eaters in our house, so turkey bacon is a must in most situations.

Also, instead of ½ a cup of BBQ sauce (not enough at all!), I use half a bottle. Gives the chicken a little more sauce to soak in and gives you a little gravy type product to pore over for serving.

Lastly, the recipe calls for 1-2 apples, I’ve never used 2 apples. The first time I only used one and it was fine. The other times I’ve used 1.5 apples and I did like that a little better. Once you grate an entire apple, it is actually a lot of apple!

This recipe is sure to please the masses. I have made this with sweet potatoes & sweet potato fries, either way, it’s a yummy dinner!

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