Sunday, November 20, 2011

Baked Club Pinwheels

So while on the hunt for yummy shower food for a baby shower I came across this pin....Baked Club Pinwheels.

Seeing as that I wasn't pregnant too long ago I knew that plain cold cuts were out of the question for the guest of honor but baked (heated up to kill any possible uckies) would be A-Ok. So I added these to my menu. 

The recipe is so simple and the ingredients couldn't be easier. I found that ordering a 1/4 lb of each deli meat with a medium cut slice worked out just great. It was about 4-5 pieces of each which is what the recipe called for. 

I actually made it up and wrapped it in Saran Wrap and refrigerated it. When guests started arriving I preheated the oven and then put it in (not in the Saran Wrap...duh ;) . It was perfect timing for the food to be served. But I do strongly suggest that you wait AT LEAST the 5 minutes suggested before cutting maybe even 10 minutes because the cheese is very melty and gooey (oh yeah). 

Sadly this got eaten too quickly for me to take a picture of the finished product. And there were no you know it was GOOD :) 

Happy Pinning! 

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