Monday, November 14, 2011

Onesie Bouquet

Martha Stewart upped the baby shower game when she thought up the "onesie bouquet". Now the cute laundry basket idea (you know the one with the itsy bitsy clothes on the pins on the line in the hamper) has a contender to deal with.
Anyway, I saw one of these at a shower recently and decided to incorporate it into my baby shower for my BFF. But seeing that I wanted to make the all the decorations useful, I decided to make it more of a floral basket instead of a bouquet.

Here is a pin for the bouquet....

Pinterest Pinned Bouquet

So, I found a really cute lavender woven basket at Michael's that had a canvas liner with large pastel buttons attached. "Cute as a Button" was my theme so I immediately snatched it up. Then I bought 2 floral arrangement stryofoamy cubes. I also bought an assortment of flowers that matched my theme and bunch of cute onesies, bibs, socks and hats in the same color scheme. Roll up the onesies, use some floral tape to attach to floral wire and stick them in the foam cubes. Then added in fabric flowers to fill in the gaps. 

Close Up

Finished Onesie Flower Basket ala' Tiffany
Happy Pinning!

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