Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So We Might Have a Problem....

Pinterest Junkie - One who obsesses over to the extent where they referencing "pinning" in regular conversation and have decided that their entire closet/house/life/world needs to be improved.

That would be us. Val and Tiffany. Two friends with a penchant for pinning. If you don't know what Pinterest is...well this probably isn't the blog for you! Pinterest is an interactive design board website. You can create virtual "bulletin boards" of all the things on the web. But basically it is a place where women like us (who are both incredibly busy as it is) have gone and realized that there is SO much more that we can be doing. 

So this blog is dedicated to that addiction. "Been There, Done That" will be a collection of what we have pinned on pinterest and actually DONE in real life. The good, the bad, the hopefully not too ugly. 

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