Thursday, November 10, 2011

Spice Racks Gone Right

As you may be able to tell by the title of this blog, I can spend more hours in a day than I’d like to admit either on Pinterest, or stemming off the site and reading blog after blog after blog!
When I first saw the Pin for the Ikea spice racks turned book shelves, I thought to myself “I wonder how long ago someone came up with this idea” and “I wonder if those spice racks still exist.” I hadn’t actually completed a Pinned project since I started on Pinterest, but I was eager to start using my pins and bettering my life.

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So one afternoon, I wandered into Ikea and spent a good bit of time trying to locate these spice racks. Once found, I was thrilled!! I ran home with delight and began my afternoon project.
Once home, I tore apart the packaging and proceeded to assemble my book shelves. Typical Ikea fashion, these shelves come in 3 pieces and require little to no effort to assemble. As I went to hang them on the wall, I found they DO NOT come with screws. Not a big deal I thought, I’ll raid my husband’s tool box!

Off I go, into the basement to search through my husband’s piles of unorganized crap (man desperately needs a tool bench with some major storage organization). I happily find 4 screws and proceed back up the 3 flights of stairs to my son’s room. I screw in one screw, screw in another, go to hang the shelf and WHAM!! Guess what?! The holes on the back of the shelf are too small for the screws!!

I will admit, I am far from Susie Homemaker and Harry Homeowner. I can’t drill into a stud to save my life (love those little plastic guys you put in before the screw!)  So the thought of measuring said holes before drilling into my beautiful blue wall did not occur to me!
So out come the screws, down 3 flights of stairs I go looking for smaller screws. I find some, but only enough to hang one shelf.

So here is my “completed” project – one beautiful, $3.99 Ikea Spice Rack turned book shelf!
When I complete shelf #2, those books on the floor will have a home too!

Note to self: Buy small screws with the shelves!

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  1. Looking good! :O) I like that the books are at child level!