Saturday, November 19, 2011

Make Up Brush Holder

I don't know about you but my make up area is always a mess. I have a small hand me down vanity and no matter what I do it always seems cluttered. I have bought a few different plastic organizers over the years and end up getting rid of them.

I also use Bare Minerals makeup so I have a lot of make up brushes that end up all over the place. So when I saw this pin, I thought I have to try it.

Pinterest Make Up Brush Holder

So this was about the easiest pin I have done yet (other than the command hook pins). I had to find a glass container that I liked and buy some coffee. I found the square glass holder at the dollar store. Yup $1. And then I bought the cheapest coffee at the grocery store ($4 for the bag, I used about half). Now I LOVE coffee so I was pleased with the ascetic look of it as well as the smell of the coffee beans. If you don't like the smell of the beans you could use decorative rocks or glass beads. Both can be found in the craft section of Walmart or at any craft store. All in all I spent $5! 

So here is my finished project. I love it! Its cute and it keeps all my brushes in one place! Highly recommend this pin :) 

My Make Up Brush Holder
Happy Pinning!

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