Monday, November 14, 2011

Yarn Wreaths

Val and I had MNI this past weekend. M.N.I= Mommies Night In. Our husbands for some reason went camping in western MD in the middle of November. So to celebrate our freedom, we spend all day together trying to tire our toddlers out and then drink wine and hang out once they go to bed.

This time we decided it was the perfect opportunity to be crafty and try some pins. After a few emails of links and pins and discussion, we decided to go with "Yarn Wreaths". There are tons of pins on Pinterest of these things and after reading up and looking at pictures we decided, how hard could it be?
Click here to link to the tutorial

So with our 2 under 2 toddlers in tow we scoured a craft store for the supplies needed. The supplies were simple, cheap and easy to find... 14" wreath (we ended up with straw wreaths), a few sheets of craft felt , a bag of fake pearls and a roll of yarn. We both chose off white yarn because we really liked the look of this wreath. Cost about $13 total per wreath....which was great. And kind of surprising considering sellers on Etsy are selling them for $40-$50....but we soon learned why.

When we finally put our kids to bed, we broke out a bottle of wine and our craft store goodies. And then we reread the tutorial to figure out what to do. Let me say that at the top of this tutorial "Danielle" says "I am smitten with yarn wreaths and I just want to keep making them.!" Yeah well guess what Danielle DIDN'T LONG it takes to wrap yarn around a 14" wreath! Needless to say 2 hours later Val and I were much less in love with this project than we were when we started. And down a bottle of wine...only a bottle because the yarn wrapping SERIOUSLY inhibited our drinking :(

Now we are pretty coordinated ladies but damn if we didn't have a time trying to wrap yarn around a wreath without tangling it. It turns out you basically have to toss the whole roll of yarn repeated through the center of the wreath to wrap the yarn. I some how created a mini yarn disaster out of my roll but Val came out unscathed.We did learn that the messier you wrap your yarn the better it looks and covers the wreath underneath.

At about a hour in, my hand holding the wreath was cramping and my wrapping arm was feeling the burn!(I will mention that I got MY wreath wrapped first even with a yarn disaster....hee hee.)By the end of the wreath I was worn out but we had not yet made the all important felt flowers to decorate the wreath so we kept on crafting.

The felt flowers were SUPER simple and I thought the tutorial gave great directions and visuals. The craft felt was 29¢ per sheet and worked great, although it limited our color choices. Val went with burgundy and burnt orange. I went with red and green. We both made about 6 felt roses in 30 minutes.  (Never ask Val to cut a circle out of a square piece of felt... :) And then I cut out a few leaves and we were ready to finish our wreaths. It took a few minutes to figure out how to arrange them to look the best and then we hot glued them. And we were done....3 hours later!

Tiffany's Finished Yarn Wreath

Val's Finished Product

Don't get me wrong, I love my finished product. But after reading through tons of tutorials, no one mentioned that it would be so time intensive. I don't think I could make tons and tons of these wreaths but I might make a few more as gifts. However, I will try to buy slightly wider yarn and perhaps the 12" wreath instead.

Oh and as a side note both Val and I tried a method to hang our wreaths that Val pinned. You use a Command hook upside down on the inside of your door and hook the ribbon around it. Its super easy and you have the option of adjusting the placement of the wreath. Here is the link :)
Happy Pinning!

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